April 15th – October 15th, 2014. Six months have already passed since the release of Muzitee! I have to admit that I was not prepared for such a huge support from all the musiclovers out there!

The day Muzitee released I said to myself that I would be very happy if I could sell all my tees in one year. Finally, two and a half months later, most designs sold out before I had time to restock! When I restocked back, one week was enough for some sizes to be sold out again!

Here are some facts:

Muzitee released at April 15th about 4 a.m. The first order came two hours later and it was the PARADISE CITY t-shirt

The first SOLD OUT was the BASS MAKES THE DIFFERENCE t-shirtIMG_1543_retouched

Which is the Best Seller these first six months? VINYLOVER!

Muzitees delivered to Greece, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Cyprus, UK, Switzerland and USA.

Thanks for the massive response to Muzitee idea! Thank you for allowing me to share my passion for music culture with you!  A lot of new things are coming, so stay tuned!