What is Muzitee?

A lifestyle brand focusing in life in music excitement. Unique premium products, all inspired by music culture!

What "Muzitee" means

Muzitee comes from the words “Music” and “Community”.  It’s the place where people share their passion for real music.


That's how we pronounce it! Something like “Music” and “tee” combined together.

Who is behind Muzitee?

Just me, Vangelis!

Muzitee does not have to do with a kind of a big Company. It’s about a small personal project lead by my passion for music.

I was thinking that I would like to wear clothes that would express my passion for music and its culture, but I was not able to find exactly what I wanted. So, I decided to establish my own brand, that would combine cool and fashionable tees with real music from great new artists!

As I have a day job in an advertising agency, I spend time in the evenings, in the early morning and in weekends, in order to design the tees, produce them and serve my customers! My family & friends are always here to help me!