Now, we make our own records!

Muzitee loves music & you already know that!
For three years now, music culture, is the DNA of Muzitee’s high quality clothes and accessories!

So, it’s not difficult to guess that the inevitable next step would be the making of our very own records!
No, Muzitee is not going to be a record label. I really don’t know how to run a record label! These records are made exactly with the same way that our clothes are made: Just with passion for music. Nothing else! That’s why, there will be only a few limited edition releases, every now and then. Releases from great indie artists, made for listeners who still take care of their record collection.

I do not really expect that Muzitee’s records will be a commercial success! It’s all about pure love for music. I just wanna enjoy the ride! Hope you will enjoy the ride too!

Here are the first two releases of Muzitee:

Collector's only 7" vinyl

10 CodeTransmitter

Each vinyl is cut only for you
with your name printed on!

10 Code - Transmitter (7" Vinyl)

10 Code (tencode) came from the so-called greek ”alternative” scene. Recently, the band released the "Swiftlets" debut album which received enthusiastic reviews!

"Transmitter" is the first single from the album. It comes with "Today" as a B-side, in an extremely limited collector's edition 7" vinyl that is cut exclusively for its owner. Your name is printed on cover and vinyl record and there is no other like yours!

Out now

Hume AssineTill Now

All digital releases of Hume Assine,
in a limited edition cd with handmade packaging.

Hume Assine - Till Now (Cd)

In Hume Assine's music you will hear physical instruments like piano, strings and drums, combined with synthesizers and samples.

Hume Assine has already released 3 Eps with airplay at major alternative radios in Greece and has made a remix/remake to Monsieur Minimal's "Stars".

"Till Now" is a collection of all current digital releases. An exclusive CD release in a handmade Cut out deluxe digipack.