This is the Muzitee Working Space – home office.  A bit of “tidy mess” but full of music!

muziteeofficeOn the left you can see the most of my cds and record collection, with some of my toy cars from my childhood age and a calendar straight from MoMA museum of New York! Below my laptop you can see the hardest part of my job: Βeaurocracy! The sign on the monitors is one of the most motivational gifts I ever had received, saying “It is what it is, but it will become what YOU make it!”

On the right side you can see the tape replica package, a smurf from Kinder Surprise and an empty money box – cow.

You can also may see some of my synths. Nord lead is one of my favorites. It was the first synth I’ve ever bought when I was 17. The first night at home, I put it on a stand next to my bed in order to be the first thing I would see the next day I would open my eyes! True story!