Exploring Love and Sex honestly. This is what MOAN’s songwriting is all about. In their own words: ‘At the end of the day, there are these things that trouble you. Love, sex and death. Though we really try to avoid singing about the last one ‘.
Their sound combines the soul aesthetics of Jackie Brown and the surf beats of Pulp Fiction,revolved around their lead singer’s captivating voice.

They have had numerous gigs in the last couple of years, with the ones standing out being their opening acts for James in 2014 and The Stranglers in 2015.
After being selected via the Promobay platform,their single ‘Languages’was broadcasted on Piratebay’s homepage for three days.
Their BalconyTV appearance was awarded as the Most Watched New Video for 2015.

Their critically acclaimed four-track debut EP ‘Breaking Bad’ was released on October 2015  and is available for free exclusively for Muzitee owners! But this EP has such a special package that you should get the cd!