Menta is an alternative band based in Athens, Greece. They formed in the late nineties as a three-member band with Nikos Papadimitriou on vocals and bass, Kostas Vlahas on guitar and vocals and Panos Galanis on drums. The following year, Dimitris Lainas joins the band on keyboards and vocals. Up to present the band shares the same line- up.

Their seventh full-length is entitled “Polyend”. The band moves on with another instrumental release, however, a not so dark and a lot more rhythmical one this time.

Their debut album “At Edmund’s planet” was released in 2000. For the next four albums Menta’s sound remains consistent, as a mixture of 90’s alternative pop and rock, while the lyrics are sung in Greek. The rest of the album titles are “Se kainourgia banda” (“In a new band”, 2003), “Instrumenta” (2007), “Pop” (2010) and “Menta” (2012). In 2015 they release “Téléphérique” which was a breakthrough, as it is an all instrumental album with old analogue keyboards dominating its sonic landscape. Apart from the two first albums on Studio 2 records, all the rest are self-released.

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