Angelika Dusk

Angelika Dusk is a singer-songwriter whose world has always been centered around music. She studied classical music at Brown University in the States before going on to the London Centre of Contemporary Music in London where she developed her ability to write up-tempo pop songs, soft emotive ballads and darker songs, all of which weave a world of symbolism that reflect her own experiences.  “Telling Stories” Angelika Dusk’s first EP, follows the success of her first single “Love On Your Own Terms”. The songs on the EP have been produced by talented UK production team Red Triangle who have previously worked with One Direction, Olly Murs and Little Mix. She continues to work with Red Triangle and Ross Cullum (Tori Amos, Tears for Fears, Rufus Wainwright, Roxy Music, Enya) for her debut LP, due early 2015.

“Telling stories”, a fresh and up-beat track, is Angelika’s second single. As she spends her time between Athens and London, and has her Greek origin deeply rooted in her personality, Angelika has selected both a Greek and English team to do the two remixes for the EP, with diverse and intriguing results. Angelika Dusk is… “Telling Stories”, so lets hear all about it!