Each year a limited edition anniversary set is made to celebrate our birthday. Here is the 1st one and here is the 2nd!

Now Muzitee is already 3 years old and this time, we celebrate it with pizza!
Everyone loves pizza. Everyone tastes it differently. Just like music. As a true music lover, you do know that your very own music taste will always be unique. So does your t-shirt!

Only 100 sets, each one with a random different record vinyl printed on.
Surprise yourself. Order your “Pizza”.

Get it in an original pizza box!

Comes with a real pizza cutter!

Yes, it looks like a vinyl record.

No other t-shirt is like yours!

100 anniversary t-shirts, 100 different vinyl record prints! Each music taste is unique, just like you! That's why your t-shirt is printed with one unique vinyl record that will not be printed again.

It's our 3rd Anniversary t-shirt!

A unique vinyl record print. No other tee will be like yours!
A vinyl record pizza cutter included.
Comes in a pizza box.

Βon appetit!